About the project:

Follow customized to local climate green building guideline and strategies; the Rockery House is set to be the first designed net-zero-energy house in Amman, Jordan. The 825 sqm house is designed using very careful passive green design strategies that allow it to save 80% of its running cost by shaping the masses to provide full sun shading in the summer and maximum sun penetration in the winter. It responds to local wind directions allowing the owners to naturally cool the house through cross ventilation on most summer days. Thorough energy and daylight analysis was conducted and optimized to achieve the required savings and thermal comfort.

Project Details:

Client: Hanna Salameh Design Architects

Location:Dabouq, Amman, Jordan

Services: Sustainable Architecture Design Consultation

  • -Green Building Guidelines & Strategies.
  • -Energy and Daylight Analysis & Optimization.
  • -Design Review.
  • -Special Topics Technical Research.

Current Phase:Under Construction


“ As an architecture firm that focuses heavily on green design and sustainability with all of our projects being environmentally friendly and save energy and water, working with ADAA has allowed us to take the work we do at HSD to a whole new level where we can accurately predict the performance of our buildings and actively alter our decisions accordingly during the design phase until we are 100% satisfied with the result. The high level of professionalism of ADAA allowed for the seamless integration of their work with our team and became a very fruitful collaboration on our latest project: The Rockery, set out to be the first of it’s kind in the region with it being a net-zero energy bill house, highly conserves materials and houses the first natural pool in Jordan. I highly recommend working with ADAA as their value added is immeasurable combined with their true passion towards building a better world that resonates in their dedication to the work they perform”

Hanna Salameh
Founder & Design Director
Hanna Salameh Design